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Fellowship in Healthcare Capacity Building for Sustainable Development  Program held a three (3) days training workshop from 15th to 17th July 2019 at the KCB Leadership Centre, Karen.

Training Goal:

To build the Human Resource Capacity at the College of Health Sciences to support the learners through the college e- Learning Portal.

Training outcomes:

By the end of the workshop, the online tutors will be able to:

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  1. Use the College of Health Sciences (CHS) eLearning platform with ease.

  2. Upload and manage learning resources.

  3. Create and conduct different forms of online assessments.

  4. Communicate with learners using the different communication tools available on the College of Health Sciences (CHS) learning management system.

  5. Schedule and manage webinars.

  6. Moderate discussion forums.

  7. Collect data/feedback from learners.