Training on Rapid Genome Sequencing for One Health Pathogens

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A group photo of the participants at the workshop.

UNITID in collaboration with Washington State University, University of Glasgow and University of Oxford has organized a one-week training on “Rapid genome sequencing for One Health pathogens". This workshop, held at the UNITID laboratories on the 28th Feb to 1st Mar 2019, provides a hands-on experience of sequencing rabies virus genomes using Oxford Nanopore’s MinION platform. TheMinION technology is fast, portable and robust enabling the real-time surveillance of infectious disease outbreaks. The training provides sample-to-sequence preparation of rabies samples, running the MinION machine and data analysis, alongside seminars from leading experts in the field on some of the cutting edge applications of MinION technology and lab-in-a-suitcase platforms. The training is organized and facilitated by Dr Thumbi Mwangi (UNITID and Washington State University) and Dr Kirstyn Brunker (University of Glasgow), Dr Sarah Hill (University of Oxford), Dr Robert Gifford (University of Glasgow) and Gurdeep Jaswant (Tanzania Industrial Research and Development Organization).


Funding for this workshop was provided by UK Research and Innovation Global Challenges Research Fund Impact Accelerator funding and a Wellcome Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF) ECR Catalyst Grant. We acknowledge the support of Oxford Nanopore Technologies and the ARTIC network ( 

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