MicroResearch Workshop: Interdisciplinary Research Training 2012

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Download copy for MicroResearch Workshop on 15th-26th October 2012

MicroResearch workshops provide training to do your own community based research, especially research that will improve health for mothers and children.

  • Encourages collaboration,
  • Coaches and mentors from Canada and Kenya
  • Permits an exchange of ideas, strategies and knowledge of community needs


Who is eligible to attend?



  • Academic faculty staff in any clinical training program, such as nursing, pharmacy, social work, medicine, dentistry etc. are encouraged.
  • Trainees in clinical areas who would like to become researchers will be considered.


What will be expected from you?

The workshop will take half a day for 2 weeks from Monday 15th October 2012 to Friday 26th October 2012



What will you get?


  • Excellent training on research
  • Outstanding teachers:
    • Dr Noni MacDonald Journal Editor. Canada
    • Dr Robert Bortolussi Award winning Canadian researcher
  • Course material on memory stick
  • Certificate
  • Opportunity to do your own research with grant of up to $2,000 CAN in a MicroResearch Competition
  • Ongoing support to do research through mentors, collaborators, research funding opportunities